The Garonne River

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About The Garonne River

The name Garonne derives from Garumna, a Latinized version of the Aquitanian name meaning “stony river”.
Rising in the Spanish central Pyrenees and running through the Aquitaine Basin of southwestern France, the Garonne unites with the Dordogne 16 miles north of Bordeaux to form the vast Gironde Estuary. 374 miles in length, the Garonne forms part of the Canal des Deux Mers, linking the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
If you want to enjoy the very best of French culture and cuisine, forget Paris — Bordeaux is the city you want, and there is no finer way to get to know Bordeaux than from the decks of your very own cruise ship. In addition to seeing the city up close, you’ll venture in style along the water to view UNESCO-listed sites, visit world-famous vineyards, and soak up the gorgeous Aquitaine countryside.
The last time Queen Elizabeth visited Bordeaux, she called it “The very essence of elegance.” For the most elegant way to experience this most elegant of cities, do yourself a favor and let one of the many fine river cruise ships specializing in this region show you all its treasures.

Garonne River Stats

Length: 374 miles
Depth: Various
Source: Pyrenees, Spain
Mouth: Gironde Estuary into the Bay of Biscay, Atlantic Ocean, France
Locks: 53
Countries: Spain | France

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