River Cruise Groups

We love to work with groups that love river cruises! Whether you are a group of folks from a local organization, neighborhood gathering, Church group, company incentive group, or alumni group – or any group of 10 or more travelers – we will work with you from the first time you contact us, through the detailed planning process, and be your point of contact through your trip and even after you return home.  Doing group travel can be daunting – but knowing you are in good hands with the specialists at River Cruise Your Way – will put your minds at ease so you can just relax and enjoy the experience!

Custom Group River Cruise Planning

At River Cruise Your Way – we know that Group Travel on a river cruise is never a cookie cutter proposition.  That is why we work with each group individually – not just to book your river cruise and get you the very best pricing, promotion, incentives and added value – but we work with you to customize the entire experience.  Plus – your River Cruise Artist will be in contact throughout the experience – staying in touch before, during and after your cruise to ensure a successful and seamless journey for your group.  Here is a list to show what we can do for your group to make it a perfect travel experience from end-to-end!


  • Special Group Discounts & Rates
  • Best Available Published Promotion
  • Private Group Excursions
  • Free Group Leader
  • Flexible Deposit Policies
  • Group Marketing Support
  • Partial & Full Ship Charter Options
  • Corporate Branding Opportunities
  • Reserved Common Space Time
  • Individual or Group Payment Flexibility


  • Up to $400 per person Shipboard Credit
  • Exclusive Special Cabin Amenity
  • Included Shipboard Gratuities
  • Included Cruise & Extension Transfers
  • Custom Electronic Itinerary
  • Single Point of Contact for all Group Members
  • Discounted Group Travel Protection
  • FREE Custom Extension Planning
  • FREE Custom Air Planning
  • FREE Custom Port Excursion Planning
  • FREE Group Event Planning
  • FREE Airfare for Group Leader
  • End-to-End Service – for a Successful & Seamless Experience from first contact through returning home


  • Pre- or Post-Cruise Group Extensions
  • Individual Extensions for each group member
  • Individual Airfare Class of Service & Itinerary
  • Group Exclusive Port Excursions or Activities
  • Group Exclusive Ship Activities
  • Special Meal Planning
  • “Featured Guest” Cruise Along Planning
*Not all of the included or offered features above will be valid for all groups.  The availability of these items depends on the cruise line and the size of the group.  At River Cruise Your Way we strive to provide all of our group travelers with the maximum benefit at the lowest price possible and are confident our proposal for your group will make you smile. 

Your Group River Cruise Vacation Awaits!

Are you ready to start planning your customized Group River Cruise Vacation Your Way? A River Cruise Artist at River Cruise Your Way is ready to be your vacation concierge. Contact us today at 1-800-259-7612 or use the form below and let us know when it is most convenient to call you, we will confirm via e-mail, and then reach out at the agreed upon time and date.

Why Choose River Cruising for your Group

River cruising is a popular and enjoyable way to travel for many reasons for your travel group – here are a few:

Scenic Views: River cruises take you through some of the most picturesque landscapes, including charming villages, historic cities, and stunning natural scenery. You’ll have constant access to beautiful views right from your ship.  Your group will love the scenery at every turn!

Intimate Experience: River cruise ships are smaller and more intimate than ocean liners, typically accommodating fewer passengers. This allows for a more personal and relaxed travel experience, where each guest can get to know fellow travelers and crew members more easily.  This augments interactions between group members and also with other passengers on the itinerary.

Cultural Immersion: River cruises often stop at multiple ports, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, history, and cuisine of the regions you visit. You can explore the destinations in-depth through guided excursions.  Your group may also enjoy group-exclusive excursions and independent opportunities – your river cruise artist will help plan everything!

Convenience: River cruises typically offer a hassle-free travel experience. You only need to unpack once, and the ship takes you from one destination to the next. This minimizes the stress of logistics and allows your group to focus on enjoying their vacation.

Inclusive Vacation: Many river cruises include various amenities and excursions in the cruise fare, such as guided tours, meals, and beverages. This can make budgeting and planning your group trip more straightforward and easy to plan.  Your river cruise artist will be able to take on all the planning for your group making it an even easier experience!

Onboard Amenities: Despite their smaller size, river cruise ships often feature luxurious amenities, including fine dining, entertainment, and spa facilities. Your group can relax and enjoy your time onboard when you’re not exploring the destinations.

Easy Access to City Centers: River cruise ports are usually located in the heart of cities and towns, so your group can easily access key attractions and landmarks without long transfers. This proximity maximizes your time in each destination.

Smooth Sailing: River cruises generally offer a smoother and more stable sailing experience compared to ocean cruises because rivers are generally calmer. This can be a significant advantage for those prone to seasickness and make river cruising more appealing for your group.

Diverse Itineraries: River cruises are available in various regions, including Europe, Asia, and North & South America. You can choose from a wide range of itineraries, allowing your group to explore different cultures and landscapes.

Accessibility: River cruise ships are often more accessible for travelers with mobility issues or disabilities, as they have fewer stairs and tend to dock close to the shore.  This can make selling your group easier for a wider range of travelers.

In summary, river cruising offers a unique and enjoyable way to explore the world, combining the convenience of cruising with the cultural immersion and intimacy of smaller ships, all while enjoying beautiful riverfront scenery. It’s a great option for groups looking for a relaxing and enriching vacation experience.