Jewish Heritage Theme River Cruises

Journey through centuries of European history, religion, and culture on a discovery of some of the most enduring — and moving — memorials to the human spirit, on a Jewish heritage cruise. In addition to sites of historical interest, you’ll visit places where Jewish traditions thrive and hear from experts who offer insights into Central Europe’s enduring Jewish legacy.
Jewish Heritage themed river cruises
Anne Frank Haus in Amsterdam
From historic synagogues and somber concentration camps, to the courtrooms of the Palace of Justice, site of the famous Nuremberg Trials, most Jewish Heritage cruises focus on the rich cultural legacies and poignant history of the Jewish communities in Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. But river cruising adds another element to your discovery, allowing you the chance to experience the full tapestry of cultures that have clashed and commingled along the banks of Europe’s great rivers for centuries.

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