The Danube River

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About The Danube River

The Danube was known to the ancient Greeks as the Istros, meaning “strong, swift.”
Its second-longest river, the Danube is the heart of central Europe, home to some of the earliest human cultures and long the northern frontier of the Roman Empire. Originating in Germany’s Black Forest, it flows southeast for 1,780 miles, passing through or along the borders of Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine, before emptying into the Back Sea.
Boasting countless natural and cultural attractions, including dozens of UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Danube region attracts millions of visitors a year, with more than 70 cruise lines operating each season. From hilltop castles and wonderfully-preserved medieval villages like Regensburg to lush vineyards and imperial capitals like Vienna and Budapest, the “waltzing blue Danube” delivers a feast for the senses along every unforgettable mile.
Residents of this historic river have been perfecting the art of hospitality for centuries, and few experiences capture the romance and luxury of the Danube like a river cruise. From your “floating hotel,” each day brings another breathtaking vista, with new treasures to be explored and new memories to be made, all as easily as strolling into town … or waltzing on deck of your river cruise ship under the stars at night.

Danube River Stats

Length: 1,727 miles
Depth: 3 to 26 feet
Source: Black Forest of Germany
Mouth: The Danube Delta into the Black Sea, Romania
Locks: 19
Countries: Germany | Austria | Slovakia | Hungary | Croatia | Serbia | Bulgaria | Romania | Moldova | Ukraine

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