Contiki River Cruises
Contiki River Cruises
Contiki is a travel company that is exclusively for 18-35-year-old travelers. Their purpose is to connect young travelers to the time of their lives. Contiki was formed in 1962 to offer this age group of travelers a vacation experience that was a mix of sightseeing, free time, cultural immersion, socializing and adventure. It was founded in New Zealand by John Anderson who had a desire to travel to Europe but did not want to travel alone. Today, Contiki offers their travelers various trip types all across the globe.
Contiki offers low deposit trips with flexible payment schedules and no change fees. The Contiki motto is “Travel with No Regrets” and they believe in real experiences for their customers. They create the moments that will inspire travelers, excite them, challenge them, connect them with the world & stay with them for the rest of their life. They care about making sure these experiences contribute positively to the people and places that are visited.
Contiki offers a river cruise option for their 18-35-year-old travelers on the Nile in Egypt that will give a taste of the ancient antiquities that abound in Egypt. Your River Cruise Artist at River Cruise Your Way can find you the perfect Contiki River Cruise vacation – fully customized for you.

Your Contiki River Cruise Awaits!

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