The Canals of France

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About The Canals of France

C’est magnifique!
For a “deep dive” into French gastronomy, scenery, culture, and history, nothing beats a cruise along the French canals, part of a network of waterways that includes 100 canals and rivers. Each offers an intimate look at a unique facet of “la vie en rose:” from Paris and Normandy, Burgundy and Toulouse, to the sunny South of France, epicurean Strasbourg, and historic Reims, Calais, and Dunkirk.
Boasting a wealth of cultural treasures — in art and architecture, food and wine, fashion and fine living — every corner of France has its own unique personality. So, come indulge your passion for chocolates, truffles, port wine, lavender, medieval history, spectacular scenery and wildlife — whatever French masterpiece suits your fancy!
Traveling on your own vessel or on a hotel barge or charter is an ideal way to experience everyday life in the places you visit. Canal boats can travel almost anywhere, from secluded anchorages amidst peaceful surroundings to the center of many major cities.

Canals of France Stats

Length: Almost 5,000 miles of canals throughout France
Depth: Various
Source: Many canals source from the Pyrenees and Alps regions of Europe
Mouth: The Mediterranean, Bay of Biscay and English Channel
Locks: Many
Countries: France

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