The ‘Your Way’ Way!

Welcome to River Cruise Your Way! You might be asking yourself, what is this ‘Your Way’ and why do I want to River Cruise that way. Well, the answer is simple – when you River Cruise Your Way you get to vacation exactly the way you want to – see what you want to see, stay where you want to stay, dine where you want to dine, and go on your budget and your timeline. All presented to you in a customized itinerary with all the detail you need to ensure a truly amazing and seamless vacation experience!  So why not go Your Way?
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Your Travel Dreams

We all have travel dreams that we keep in our minds to help get us through the day-to-day grind.  At River Cruise Your Way, our River Cruise Artists listen to your travel dreams, and craft your next river cruise vacation adventure to make those dreams a reality. Just let us know where you want to go, what river you want to cruise, when you want to travel, and what you want to see and do – and we take care of the rest. It is our number one priority to make your vacation as perfect as possible from the planning process all the way through until you return home.  We are here for you so call today to start your River Cruise Your Way experience!

Complimentary Customization

At River Cruise Your Way we offer complimentary expert, creative, passionate and detailed river cruise vacation planning.  We never charge any fees for our planning services, and our River Cruise Artists are just as passionate about your vacation as you are. We plan your trip just like it was our trip! We listen to your vacation dreams, and offer expert advice to make your river cruise vacation an absolutely amazing and seamless experience! Call today to start planning your customized dream river cruise vacation.
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How to ‘Your Way’ Your River Cruise

Your River Cruise

Not all river cruises are the same! There are literally thousands of options of ships, itineraries, and destinations. The River Cruise Artists at River Cruise Your Way will listen intently to your travel dreams and do the leg work to find the very best river cruise that will best make those dreams a seamless and successful vacation reality.

Your Pre- or Post-Cruise Extensions

Sometimes a river cruise, typically 7 nights, is just not enough time to truly enjoy a destination. And of course, river cruises only travel the rivers, there is so much more to see in the region you are traveling to. Our River Cruise Artists will help by planning & customizing the perfect extension to see exactly what you want to, within your time constraints & budget.

Your Tours & Excursions

What do you want to do on your vacation? Yes, most river cruise operators feature amazing shore excursion options, and some are included with your cruise. But not every excursion is right for each traveler. Maybe you have been to a destination before and want to see something different – our River Cruise Artists will set up customized excursions to help you do just that.

Your Dining Planning

Of course meals are a wonderful part of river cruising – included with your cruise. But what if you want to venture out and find an amazing restaurant while in port or on a customized pre- or post-cruise extension. Let a River Cruise Artist know what you are looking for and they will do the research to find the best dining options and even make reservations.

Your Transportation & Transfers

How will you get to your destination or between destinations? What about getting from an airport to your river cruise or hotel? Need a ride to a special event or planned activity? Your River Cruise Artist won’t let you down! We will customize your flights and all transportation – even from home to the airport – whatever you need to make your trip perfect.

Your Attractions

Do you want to see the Eiffel Tower at sunset? Or have a personal guide visit to the Taj Mahal? What about those off-the-beaten-track attractions that you have always wanted to see or visit, but the traditional tours just don’t go to? A River Cruise Artist at River Cruise Your Way will track down the best attractions to fit your vacation dreams and set them up for you.

Your Private Guides & Tours

Are you looking for private tours and guides for parts of your trip? Not interested in group tours – and want some special attention? Your River Cruise Artist at River Cruise Your Way have private guide contacts around the world that they can reserve for your trip and customize those private tours to be exactly what you dreamed of.

Your Cultural Connections

Do you want to immerse yourself in the culture of your destination? Are you looking for opportunities to meet locals, interact, and learn about the destination you are visiting from a local? Let a River Cruise Artist at River Cruise Your Way plan the best and most intriguing Cultural Connections for your customized vacation itinerary.

Your Special Events

Do you want to take in a special event while on your river cruise vacation? How about local music in Ireland, wine tasting in France, a beach party in the Riviera, or the Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany? Whatever your special event dreams, a Vacation Artist will find them, get you tickets, and make them part of your custom itinerary.

Your Active Activities

Do you want to incorporate some special activities into your itinerary? How about a visit to an Alpine Slide park in the Alps? Or maybe a bike tour of London? Or a Segway tour of Hanoi? Whatever your active activities you want to do on your customized river cruise vacation, River Cruise Your Way will plan them for you.

Your Fully Customized Itinerary

Put all these great river cruise vacation options together, and you have a fully customized itinerary! From leaving your house, to your return home, a River Cruise Artist at River Cruise Your Way will customize all aspects of your trip and make sure that all the details are taken care of, planned, and presented to you so you can rest assured your vacation will be amazing!
Sail the Main River and Canal through the heart of Germany
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