Learn More About River Cruising

As river cruising becomes more and more popular, there are new cruise lines starting almost every year, building new ships, exploring new rivers, and welcoming new clients.  For some travelers, river cruising has become a common vacation activity that they love and enjoy.  For other travelers, river cruising is still shrouded in some mystery.  How big are the ships?  What is expected at embarkation?  Which are the most popular rivers this year?  What are the up and coming rivers for next year?  Our specialist River Cruise Artists are here to answer any questions you may have and are happy to work with you to build your perfect river cruise masterpiece vacation. River Cruise Your Way is here for you.
Cruise the rivers of Bordeaux France

Why River Cruising

Ask any river cruise traveler why they love river cruising, and you will get a plethora of different answers. The dining; the excursions; the intimate setting; the convenience; the value. But one thing we know here at River Cruise Your Way is that all of their answers are true! There are so many reasons to love river cruising – and once you take your first river cruise you will realize your own favorite parts of this newest and fastest growing form of leisure travel.
Customize your River Cruise Vacation

Customize Your River Cruise

Most river cruises may be set in their itinerary and activities, but there are lots of ways you can customize your river cruise vacation. Let our professional and expert River Cruise Artists start by finding you the perfect river cruise itinerary, with the best company, floating the perfect ship on your river of choice. Then we will customize all other aspect of your trip – before, during and after your river cruise. Call now to start working with us to plan your travel dreams!
See the Matterhorn on a river cruise extension to Switzerland

Pre & Post Cruise Extensions

Many travelers that take the long flights to popular river cruise destinations choose to spend more time vacationing in and around their destinations with pre- or post-cruise touring or city stays. Your River Cruise Artist here at River Cruise Your Way is happy to complimentary customize your perfect pre- and/or post-river cruise extensions. We specialize in planning self-drive, city stay and guided extensions to countless destinations.
Cruising Single - let River Cruise Your Way be your guide to the best Solo Cruising options

River Cruising Solo

Not everyone needs to or wants to travel with another person sharing their cabin. For this reason, many river cruise lines have special cabins or special pricing to entice solo river cruisers to sail with them.  Cabins are usually for two people – and the pricing is set to reflect that. So, whether there are single promotions, low single-supplements, or single cabins – there are options for the solo travelers on river cruises.
Russian history on display on a Volga River Cruise

Group Vacation Planning

Are you a part of a group of like-minded travelers looking for your next adventure to experience together?  Try a river cruise!  They are the perfect way to travel for groups. And many of the river cruise lines or operators love groups – and are willing to work with your group to make your experience extra special. Your River Cruise Artist can guide you through the process and ensure you receive the best group advantages available.
Its time to embark on your customized river cruise vacation with River Cruise Your Way

What to Expect

Not sure what to expect on your first or upcoming river cruise vacation? What are the gratuity expectations? What happens at embarkation or disembarkation?  What are meal times like?  Do I have choices in excursions and are they included? These and many other answers are available here, or you can simply call or chat with one of our River Cruise Artists who are always happy to talk about their favorite style of vacationing.
Christmas Markets River Cruise Germany

Themed River Cruising

Not all river cruises are the same – and there are some that are designed around a theme. Christmas Markets, Springtime Tulips & Windmills, Celebrity Cruise-along’s, and more.  Perhaps you have a particular interest or hobby that has a river cruise themed departure centered around – you can cruise your favorite river with like-minded other travelers – all while exploring exciting destinations with a theme.
Get your passport for your International river cruise vacation

Travel Resources

With every trip – especially those overseas – it is a good practice to make sure all your ‘ducks are in a row’ before that day of departure creeps up on you. Think about foreign currency and conversions; weather in your destination; what to pack; how to travel healthy; what to tip on your trip.  We have some answers here, but you can always contact one of our River Cruise Artists and they can answer these and any other questions you may have before your trip.