The Volga River

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About The Volga River

**River Cruise Your Way no longer offers river cruises to Russia effective 02/22/2022**

The Volga is highly symbolic in Russian culture and is often referred to as Mother Volga in literature and folklore.
The Volga is the longest river in Europe, running 2,294 miles from the Valdai Hills northwest of Moscow down to the Caspian Sea, with an ingenious linking of rivers and lakes connecting her another 200 miles west, to St. Petersburg. Eleven of the twenty largest cities of Russia, including the capital, Moscow, are located in the river’s watershed.
To cruise the Volga is not only to embark on one of the world’s greatest river journeys, but also to journey to the very heart and soul of Russian history, art, and culture. The list of treasures is endless: Imperial cities, grand artistic treasures, medieval monasteries, massive monuments, onion-domed cathedrals, breathtaking modern marvels, and the vast and beautiful Russian countryside, dotted with delightful small towns — all the magic and mystery of Russia is on display along the banks of the fabled Volga.
Russia has long been one of the most popular river cruise destinations for adventurous travelers, with itineraries offering time in both Moscow and St. Petersburg being the most desirable. While most major river cruise lines offer Russian itineraries, most charter the ships they feature; Viking is the exception, with its own cruise ships. The Volga River is just a part of your Russian river cruise voyage as you will sail through many lakes as well as other rivers to get from Moscow to your final destination of St. Petersburg. Or you could journey south further along the Volga towards the Caspian Sea for an even more fascinating cultural landscape.

Volga River Stats

Length: 2,294 miles
Depth: Various
Source: Valdai Hills, Tver Oblast, Russia
Mouth: Caspian Sea near Astrakhan, Russia
Locks: 10
Countries: Russia

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