The Chobe River

Elephants of the Chobe River Safari

About The Chobe River

The Chobe River is vitally life-giving to the otherwise semi-arid landscape of Botswana, which is landlocked in its location near the center of the southern African subcontinent.
The Chobe River is part of an intricate river system that flows through south-central Africa. Beginning as the Cuando River, it runs along the northern border of Botswana into the Linyati Swamp before changing into the Linyati River, then becomes the Chobe River before merging into the Zambezi River — an interlocking network of waterways that even flows in reverse at times!
As the northern boundary of the Chobe National Park, the Chobe River is home to huge elephant concentrations (up to 50,000) that occur during the winter dry season, which runs May through October. The park boasts some of the best game viewing in Africa, with one of the most substantial populations of wildlife, including lion, hyena, cheetah, antelope, gazelle, hippo, crocodile, and more than 450 bird species.
For birding enthusiasts, the Chobe area is spectacular in the wet summer months when the migrating birds are in full color. Whatever the season, game-viewing and bird-watching cruises on the river have become the most popular way to witness the stunning panorama of Africa’s wild heart, while enjoying thoroughly modern style and comfort.

Chobe River Stats

Length: 83 miles
Depth: Average 10 feet
Source: Liambezi Lake, Namibia
Mouth: Zambezi River near Victoria Falls where Botswana, Namibia & Zambia meet
Locks: 0
Countries: Namibia | Botswana

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