The Dnieper River

Explore Ukraine on a Dnieper River Cruise

About The Dnieper River

It’s pronounced: Nee-per
**We regret that we are unable to offer river cruises on the Dnieper River at this time due to the illegal, unjust, and evil invasion of the Ukraine by Russia. We hope that one day in the near future we will once again be able to offer a river cruise option to travelers visiting beautiful Ukraine.**


Rising in the north of beautiful Ukraine, and flowing south through Ukraine to the Black Sea, the Dnieper is one of the major rivers of Europe. In antiquity, the river was known to the Greeks as the Borysthenes, and was part of the Amber Road, the ancient trade route from the North and Baltic Seas to the Mediterranean.
The second-largest country in Eastern Europe, Ukraine remains shrouded in mystery to most Westerners, and cruising the Dnieper offers an excellent way to experience both its beauty and its long and turbulent history. Highlights include Odessa, “The Pearl of the Black Sea,” with its classical buildings and boulevards, historic Yalta, the Cossacks of Zaporozhye, and Kiev, one of Europe’s most dynamic capitals, filled with theaters, museums, ancient ruins, religious sites, and vibrant modern art and architecture.
With the treasures of the Ukraine so far off the beaten track, cruising is the sensible way to go. In addition to included shore excursions and onboard activities offering insight into the region’s history and culture, river cruising allows optimal time for relaxing to take in the scenery or adventuring further to pursue private passions.

Dnieper River Stats

Length: 1,333 miles
Depth: average 26 feet
Source: Valdai Hills, Russia
Mouth: Dnieper Delta into the Black Sea, Ukraine
Locks: 5
Countries: Ukraine | Belarus | Russia

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