Tips for Flying & Flight Status

Flying is often the part of most river cruise vacations travelers look forward to – the LEAST!  The process of flying has gotten to be more challenging even though we can reach remote parts of the globe. Flights are full, often delayed, and airports can be down right chaotic. So if your vacation includes a flight or a few flights, stay calm, don’t stress, and read below for a few tips to help you navigate the flight portion of your trip so you can enjoy the best parts after you arrive at your river cruise destination.
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Let us Help

From booking your flights to check-in, and everything in between, let your River Cruise Artist be your flight manager.  We will find you the best flight itinerary for your trip, at the lowest price available, with the best seat assignments available, and make sure you are prepared for your flights, checked-in, and informed of any delays or issues.

Get Charged!

Make sure all your devices – phone, lap-top, surface or i-pad – are fully charged before you fly. Having those to occupy yourself on longer flights will be nice.  Also, you may want to consider bringing a separate charging device so that when one of your devices runs out of battery, you can charge it up, even if your airline doesn’t have seat chargers.

Take A Boost!

It is always a good idea to take immune system supplements before, during, and after flights.  There is a higher chance of getting someone else’s sick when in an airplane for many hours at a time.  Try Airborne or EmergenC, drink lots of water, eat healthy with lots of fruits and veggies that are high in Vitamin C & D. Also, get lots of sleep before your flights.

Layer Up!

You never know if the airplane you will be flying will be too hot or too cold or just right, so it is a good idea to dress comfortably, and in layers.  Make sure you can peel off a layer or two if it is hot, and add a jacket or sweatshirt if it is too cold.  Wear comfortable shoes easy to take off and put on.  It is good to be fully prepared.


Not every airline or airplane offers in-flight entertainment, so it is a good idea to bring your own.  So, in addition to making sure your devices are fully charged with spare charges at the ready, it is a good idea to surf the internet before your trip and download some great games, movies, and other forms of electronic entertainment to enjoy if you aren’t able to sleep.

Move Around!

On your flight it is a good idea to move around.  It will help you achieve optimum flying health by stretching and moving around regularly. Your body will thank you if you practice some simple stretches in your seat, in the aisle, or at the airports.  Get your blood flowing and give your muscles some much needed oxygen by moving around as best you can.

Don’t Drink too Much!

Alcohol – not water!  You should be drinking lots of water on your flight to stay hydrated, but try not too have too many alcohol drinks as they can tend to dehydrate you that could lead to an inability to sleep, easier accessibility to airborne illnesses, muscle cramps, etc. So, enjoy a little spirit, but don’t go over board.  And make sure you follow any drinks you have with a water chaser!  Your body will thank you!

Block it Out!

Noise cancelling headphones, ear plugs, eye blankets – all of these and other carefully planned and packed tools – are great for blocking out unpleasant noise and light when you are trying to relax and perhaps sleep on your long flight. Make plans so you can avoid listening to that noisy seat neighbor that won’t stop talking or snoring!  You might not think important until you are stuck on a 12-hour plus flight with someone near you that is annoying.

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