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For more than 130 years National Geographic has been sending their scientists, storytellers and adventurers around the globe and into remote cultures seldom seen, in order to better understand and appreciate planet Earth. National Geographic Expeditions now expands on this legacy and invites you, the inquisitive traveler, to join them to encounter the wonders of the world up close. When you travel with National Geographic Expeditions, you will be enriched by the knowledge of expert guides all along the way.
The name National Geographic opens doors to their travelers. Close relationships with active research sites, museums, scientists, and naturalists worldwide allows National Geographic travelers special access to places and people you would not normally be able to visit. Their guides are the true experts in their fields. Wildlife biologists on a Serengeti safari in Africa; paleontologist experts as you explore cave paintings in France; or an expert marine biologist as you sail through the waters of the Arctic.
Enjoy river cruising with National Geographic Expeditions as you sail the waters of the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers through the heart of Europe. Or take in the romance of France cruising the Bordeaux or Rhone Rivers. How about sampling some Port on your cruise of the Douro River Valley in Portugal? National Geographic Expeditions also cruises the Volga in Russia, and the Nile in Egypt – where the history (some of it ancient) will amaze your senses. Whatever your river cruise desire, the experts at River Cruise Your Way can guide you through the process and do the work for you so all you have to do is pack.

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